Young Ray

Young Ray on the Left; his fellow-gunslinger may be a long time buddy, Neil Rouse, also from Ashley, Ohio. Don‘t know the dog but Dad loved dogs.

Yearbook staff

Ashley High School Yearbook staff; Dad is either sitting in the center with tennis shoes or standing behind in suit with necktie.

Footbal quarterback

Ashley High School Football quarterback; this was the first year Ashley mustered a football team. It was very uncertain whether they would have 11 players to play but finally ended up with a couple of extras for substitutions when necessary. Dad was named quarterback because he was the smallest member of the team. Neil rouse, pictured above, was the center since he was the biggest member of the team. The W/L record was so poor Dad never told me what it was.

I love the cap; still stylish today.

With Faye && Verelle

With Faye & Verelle. Verelle was born in 1903, Dad in 1905 and Faye in 1910, I think. They all graduated from Ashley H.S. Both Verelle and Faye became school teachers for full careers.

Spring 1948

Spring 1948 at 77 Apple Tree Lane, Weymouth, Massachusetts. Picture taken, developed and printed by son Raymond (Gene in the family) during his professional photography phase at age 15-18.

Pullman ID Card

Pullman RR sleeping car company ID Card issued from his last working facility at South Station, Boston. We had moved to the area from Cleveland arriving on January 1, 1945 and moving to Weymouth. In 1948 Dad was retired because of chronic congestive heart disease and died in 1951. He wanted to be buried back in Ashley.