Raymond Doris
Ray and Doris

My father's parents, Raymond and Doris, on their wedding day. My grandfather died when my dad was about 19, and I was named after him. My dad and I have the same first name, but different middle names.

The Tobey Tree

A partial family tree focused on my grand parents. If you can help me fill in the holes, please send an email to My address.

Back of wedding limo Baby Joanne My Dad, Jerry and Joanne

June 13, 1934 - my Dad, 2 years old, uncle Jerry, 5 months, and aunt Joanne, 7 years.

All the kids, 1945 Malcolm, Jerry, my Dad and Joanne, ~1945 Grandma Doris and me

My hair color has changed since this was painted. Grandma Doris is saying goodbye to me on the day we left Boston for the move to Japan. My parents keep this painting in the family room.