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I'm an independent programmer, specializing in computer games, development tools, Windows and web applications. I've worked with Electronic Arts and several other game companies. The last few years I've spent most of my time volunteering for progressive candidates, and I write software to manage political campaigns.

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You can learn a lot about me by clicking the icons above. You'll find photos, game history, source code, and personal interests, but I hope you'll check out my politics section too. At present, I have 96 pages here. Enjoy!

Green Focus My article

News - May '07: My article, The Value of Trust was published in Green Focus, the newspaper of the California Green Party. Thanks Don!


News - March '07: I've been interviewed in Alistair Wallis' Playing Catch Up column at Gamasutra. It was published just before the Game Developers Conference, 2007. Game Developer is the premier magazine for the industry, and Gamasutra is their web site. Thanks Al!

Cell: (415) 448-6239
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