Camp crew

Heiko, Mylee, Julia, Phil, Tranh, Ben
Front, Me and Ty. Leanne took the picture.

Camp site

Our camp site after a brief rainfall. The rainbow was amazing, but I was slow to get the picture. Court Leve got a great shot though:

Camp site Tranh

My beautiful friend, Tranh.


Heiko on the night of the burn. He's holding a torch filled with lighter fluid. His stilts are made of metal, and allow him to stand and walk on burning coals. His wings are also made of metal. My job was to guard the end of one wing, trying to prevent drunks from putting an eye out. He spent a lot of time welding it, and the whole outfit is fantastic!


This is called 'Homouroboros', or the spinning monkeys. To get it going, people had to pedal all the stationary bikes. These generated power to spin the monkeys. With strobe lights at night, it produces a zoetrope (stop motion) animation of a monkey swinging from one handhold to another. A snake slithers down from the top and the monkey eats it. All accompanied by people beating on the drums! (Video here)

It took a lot of audience participation to get a performance. And with the dust and harsh conditions, it broke down frequently. I was part of the audience participation in helping to repair it!


The Big Rig Jig


The Steampunk Treehouse

The Mondo Spider. It is a walking machine with eight legs that carries a human driver. Here at the burn it had a gas engine, but since then it's been upgraded to electric. The thing is seriously impressive, and it's awesome to have it stamp by so close!