A bundle of 200

My biggest literature project to date, this newspaper style tabloid is 8 pages at 11 x 15 each. It took a month to decide what it should say, with several people contributing. Snehal Shingavi is Aimee's campaign manager. He and I did most of the work (more than 70 major page revisions). Aimee, Snehal, Micheas Herman and I put in a particularly memorable all nighter in the final stretch.

It was the primary literature piece of the persuasion stage of Aimee's campaign. That means we are trying to convince undecided voters that our candidate is the best. The other stages are fundraising, name recognition and get-out-the-vote.

We had 22,000 copies printed on an open web press, which is an enormous machine. The picture at right is me looking exhausted in front of the folding unit. It is the last big component in a series of connected machines stretching back and left for about 100 feet.

The paper was recycled newsprint, which is very cheap. Each copy of the tabloid cost about 13 cents. I've heard other campaign managers say that this form of literature is very effective, and I tend to agree. We pack a lot of information into that 13 cents.

Me in front of the press

Barry's Four Pager

If you'd like to read it, here is the PDF (About 2 MB).

Tabloid page 1 Tabloid page 2

Tabloid page 3 Tabloid page 4

Aimee's Eight pager

If you'd like to read it, here is the PDF (About 5 MB).

Tabloid pages 1 & 8 Tabloid pages 2 & 3 Tabloid pages 4 & 5 Tabloid pages 6 & 7

Stop the presses! Bundled and ready